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Client Requirements

Mr. Li, a young professional living in a modern apartment in the bustling city of Guangzhou, approached Doen Furniture seeking a stylish yet functional living room furnishing solution. His vision was to create a contemporary space that would be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Mr. Li’s living room was moderately sized, requiring a thoughtful selection of furniture to ensure it did not feel overcrowded. He wanted a cohesive look with a pop of color to add character to the room. Comfort and quality were paramount, given his frequent use of the space for both relaxation and entertaining guests.

Our Solution

Grey Fabric Sofa: A sleek, comfortable centerpiece.

Coffee Table: Minimalist design with a tempered glass top.

End Table: Elegant white marble top round end table.

Single Block Sofa Piece: Versatile seating in matching color.

Orange Leather Swivel Accent Chair: A bold, stylish focal point.

The Result

Mr. Li was delighted with the transformation. The neutral tones, paired with the vibrant accent chair, created a balanced and inviting space. He praised the comfort and style of the furniture, which exceeded his expectations.


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