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Facotry Introduction

Manufacturing Process


The process begins with designers creating sketches and computer-aided designs (CAD) of the sofa. Prototypes may be built and tested for comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.


Our workers cut the panels for our furniture with high-precision cutting machines to get the exact measurements and shapes.


The sofa's frame is usually made from wood, metal, or a combination of both. Wood frames are commonly constructed from hardwood such as oak, maple, or birch. Metal frames may be used for modern or industrial-style sofas. The frame is cut, shaped, and assembled according to the design specifications.

Padding & Cushioning

Different types of padding and cushioning materials, such as foam, polyester fiber, or down feather, are added to the frame to provide comfort and shape. These materials are cut and shaped according to the design, and may be wrapped in fabric or upholstery to create the desired look and feel.


The sofa is upholstered using fabric, leather, or a combination of both. Upholsterers cut and sew the upholstery material to fit the sofa frame, ensuring a snug and professional finish. Upholstery may involve tufting, stitching, or other decorative techniques to enhance the sofa's appearance.

Inspect Finished Products

The finished sofa undergoes rigorous quality control inspections to ensure it meets safety, durability, and aesthetic standards. Any defects or imperfections are addressed before the sofa is packaged and prepared for shipping or delivery.


Use seure packages for finished products to prevent them from damages during the transportation.


Carefully load the goods to the truck to get ready for shipping.
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